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Cats and roofs

I knew that cats like high places. (This is apparently a combination of their liking for places that are good to pounce from, and their preference to be where they can see but not be seen, since people tend not to look up.) We saw this a few weeks ago. Now I read in Gates of the Mountains that this is common behavior, especially for yellow cats. I’d think it was the same cat, except they aren’t in Amherst and we aren’t in Montana. (And their trackback appears to be munged, and I can’t figure out how to comment on their entry. Sigh.)

The above connection was made courtesy of Sherry at Stay of Execution, a fellow Mainer but not, like myself, living in exile, who also kindly mentions this weblog in the same entry. And her trackback isn’t munged. I wonder if I can deduce Gates’ trackback from Sherry’s? The format is probably the same, but the URL appears to involve a unique number (only six digits? huh?) with no easy way to deduce how that number is assigned. Hmmm.

Update: “Gates” have fixed their Trackback. Or had it fixed for them. Same thing, isn’t it?

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