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More Markdown

I’ve been using Markdown as a Movable Type plugin for a few days now, and I’m enjoying it, because it reduces the amount of coding I need to do within posts.

The author, John Gruber, just posted a very convincing argument for why it’s useful, not that I needed convincing, but in the process raised issues in XML/RSS/Atom that I wasn’t aware of. He also made a few good points about the utility of weblog software which I think I understood inherently, but not as clearly.

Simply put, weblog software isn’t software for producing HTML; it’s software for managing collections of posts. And, he extends, “posts” should not need to be snippets of HTML, but articles or arguments or letters—something which can be written, not coded.

This may be the thinking I need to make the last steps towards real usability in the homegrown CMA I’ve been evolving at work. (Version 0.1 is powering plantphys.net; Version 0.2 is running devbio.com.)

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