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Warnings and consequences

Two pictures from the cruise around Cape Small.

Wreck at Sebasco Gong off West Point

My parents refer to the wreck on the left (there’s a dragger under there) as “our other boat.” Apparently the owner owed the business (among others) some chunk of money they’ve got filed now under “bad debts.” This is at the north end of Sebasco, inside Bear Island and north of Malaga (which has some interesting history of its own.)

The right shot is a “bell buoy” (marked on charts as a “gong”) off West Point. You can see the gong itself in the lower part of the buoy, with the swinging clappers which produce a regular “clank” in any kind of sea. The idea is to give an audible, as well as visual, warning of the ledge nearby, because in a good fog you can hear the buoy a lot sooner than you can see it. Above the gong and clappers are flat panels intended to reflect radar—a sort of anti-stealth—and a red flasher under (I think) a small solar panel to power it.

It’s hard to give the scale of these things. It’s a pretty massive piece of equipment. The superstructure above the hull itself (gong, reflectors and flasher) is well over ten feet tall.

Update: It develops that this is, in fact, a bell, not a gong. I’ve got a picture of a gong later in the series, so I will point out the distinction later, now that I know better.

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