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Gongs and envy

Even more pictures from last Saturday’s cruise. (I’ll keep going until I run out of good shots, or someone tells me to stop.)

A gongBoat envy: A yawl off Georgetown

Since I referred to Tuesday’s bell buoy as a “gong,” sparking a discussion of buoys in Scheherazade’s comments, I feel compelled to post this clarification: that photo was a “bell,” which rings one tone; this one is a “gong,” which rings in several tones. If you look closely, or at the larger version, you can see three gongs in a stack; each is struck by a different clapper, so as the waves swing the buoy around, it plays like wind chimes. While the bell was red, because a mariner bound for home should keep it on their right, this one is off Popham Beach in Phippsburg, and is green to warn sailors bound for the mouth of the Kennebec to keep it to their left. (I think it marks Jackknife Ledge, but I can’t remember, here in Western Massachusetts, if Jackknife Ledge has a bell-buoy or just a can. This might be the buoy that marks the mouth of the river.)

The photo on the right is nothing more than a pretty boat. I snapped the shot as it was going by, and then my father and I made appreciative noises. I can’t tell you much about it, other than that it was off Reid State Park in Georgetown, that it’s a yawl (because the second mast is to the stern of the cockpit; if it was before the cockpit, it would be a ketch,) and that it’s pretty. As I turned away from it, I was thinking that the owner probably did a heck of a lot of work in the spring to get it ready to sail, and on Saturday he was out enjoying the fruits of his labor—I suspect he got his work’s worth just in the minutes we saw him.

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I think Bells and Gongs often mark the entrances to rivers or Harbors—thinking of the bell at the entrance to the Annisquam River in Mass, in the Ipswich Bay, and the bell/gong off of Ocean Point marking Little River, I think…

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