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I had to bag this morning’s workout halfway. It was supposed to be a 100-200-300-400-300-200-100 ladder, but I could feel twinges in my left shoulder as early as the warmup. By the time I reached the main set, I realized that I was trying to find a way to pull through with my left arm that wouldn’t produce a stabbing sensation in the shoulder, so I stopped. (Another rule of running injuries: if it’s affecting your form, stop.) I suppose I could’ve finished the set if I’d switched to breaststroke, but have you ever done a 400y breaststroke? I’d pass out from anoxia before I reached 300.

Best case scenario: this is just a strain from Wednesday night’s set, which involved a great deal of “pull” work. (For non-swimmers: A “pull” set involves holding a buoy between your legs, so you can’t kick, and swimming with paddles to increase the resistance your arms pull against. The complementary set is “kick,” which is where you hang on to the foam board and, well, kick.) Since pull puts a lot of load on the arms, I could easily have strained something. I’ve got a forced week off coming up, with the pool closed for the Thanksgiving break, so there’s time to heal something which can be healed.

It also reminded me of a joke in my running circles, that the best way to really kick a lingering injury is to get a different one. The classic example was the woman suffering from ITBS who tripped and broke her wrist in the fall, but discovered that her ITBS was gone. Maybe if my swimming is screwed up, I’ll have to go back to running to stay in shape. (That’s a joke. I think.)

Worst case scenario: a damaged rotator cuff is the swimmer’s equivalent of an ACL injury (or a torn Achilles, for runners.) They don’t just heal themselves. Past a certain point, I’ve heard it’s usually only fixable with surgery.

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