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This little journalist

(Vague early-90s pop music reference in the title…)

  • The NCAA cross-country preview I mentioned earlier is in today’s RW Daily News. It’s OK, but this meet has the chronic problem that it’s really four races in two, and trying to do that in (roughly) 500 words means you really can’t do it justice. When I read it over at lunch, I was saying to myself, “Yeah, but you left out Matt Gonzales, you didn’t say anything about the Colorado men who could win with a miracle, you never used Dathan Ritzenhein’s full name, you short-changed Chris Solinsky…” On the other hand, last night when I was fact-checking, I pulled up my best two stories from that meet last year, and thought, hey, for me, these aren’t bad. It’s nice when something stands up well a year later.

  • My Lydiard-seminar column ran today as well. I’ve already had a nice e-mail from the tour organizer, who has offered to (eventually) send a printout the presentation he used in the seminar. (Apparently the presentation file is some absurd size, on the order of 20 MB, so it’s not easily hosted on the Web. You’d think someone could figure that out… but, I have more thoughts on that for a later post. Actually, I have at least five more posts mapped out on this topic.) It’s worth quoting my penultimate paragraph here:

If you’re a coach, or if you’ve ever found yourself following a training program without understanding how the pieces fit together, or if you’ve ever written off a training program because it looks like too much work, you owe it to yourself to go to the Five Circles website, click on “Upcoming Events,” and see if any of the remaining seminars is near you. I might add that “in the neighboring state” should count as “near you,” in this case.

  • Earlier this week, in ecto, I put six titles in new post drafts, five of them, hopefully, wrapping up the Lydiard stuff. I hope I can get all the thoughts out in text. With luck, I’ll be able to write some of them up on the plane to Indiana. So I may have things to post, even if I can’t find the time (or connectivity) to actually post them. (Yes, this is relevant to the theme of the post… why do you think I’ll be in Indiana, after all?)

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