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More banditry?

We had a dusting of snow overnight, good for showing tracks. The second one out the door this morning, I saw two distinct sets. One was four toes and a distinct pad; I suspect it belonged to one of the neighborhood cats. The second, however, had four toes, three of them quite long, and though one of our neighbors thought it might have been a skunk we agreed that it could also be one of the raccoons.

There were some other clusters of small footprints, which I think were squirrel.

I took some pictures:

Raccoon tracks?

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I saw the prints too and had the exact same thought - some of them looked like a cat, but another set definitely didn’t. They were way too big and pointy. I hoped it was the raccoons, but I’m not sure what raccoon prints look like.

Maybe it was a BEAR!!! ;-)

I saw a RoadRunner last week! I had not seen one in eight years since I moved across town.

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