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Odysseus and the mail server

Scylla and Charybdis turn out to be, on one side, the whirlpool of over-large email attachments dragging down my server, and on the other, the monster of the people we do business with, who can’t understand why we might limit the size of email messages we receive. (Their cave in this situation, of course, is the sheer difficulty of trying to explain FTP to people who have grown fond of their conception of email as a universal means of transmitting bits of all types and collective sizes.)

Meanwhile, I want to utterly ruin the “easily configurable appliance” features of this server by ripping out the stock smtpd and replacing it with something where the power-user features (such as explaining the reason for a bounce in the bounce message) are more easily configured. Perhaps that counts as tying myself to the mast? I don’t want an incomprehensible mess which can be “easily configured” (major options only) through a web GUI; I want a server with an options file which makes sense. (Generating the configuration file using macros doesn’t count.)

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Oh man, way too many references to legends in this post. You should be required to post a warning.

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