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In discussion on a listserv, the difference between being dedicated and being committed came up. It’s a breakfast metaphor: the chicken is dedicated, but the pig is committed.

Yesterday I sent in my entry for the NEM-SCY meet, and I committed myself to swimming longer without stopping than I have before (that I can remember.) I decided to skip the big weekend, since they moved most of my events to Friday; on Saturday, I would have had to swim 200br and 100fr and hope for a relay, which didn’t seem worth the drive in to Boston and back. Maybe next year, when I’ll pretty much be there. Instead, I’m signed up for the 1,000fr on “distance day,” the first Saturday. I seeded myself at 14:00, using the 6:40 500 I swam the other week as a gauge. I figure I can do two sevens. I hope.

I have two weeks from tomorrow. And I just read, on the CD I’m preparing, about the “Porsolt Test”:

The Porsolt test (also called the forced swim test) was originally developed for screening new antidepressants. Rodents are placed in tanks filled with water for about 5 minutes and the amount of time spent swimming (escape behavior) versus floating (behavioral despair or “giving up”), as well as the latency to first float is recorded. The sooner that an individual floats is an indication of depressive-like symptoms.

Cheerful. I’m not sure what that says about my pool time, but I don’t like it very much. What does it mean if the subject throws himself in the tank?

My brother is swimming the 1650fr on distance day, so we agreed we would trade off lap-counting. We’d both rather have someone we know doing the lap-counting; he told me a story of having his counter forget his race once.

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