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Ironing out

We’re off to a wedding this weekend, so I had to drag out my jacket and tie—clothes I pretty much only wear to weddings and funerals. We would have four weddings this summer, but by a curious clumsiness of scheduling, they’re on only two weekends, so we had to pass on two of them.

This prompted another somewhat-less-than-once-a-year exercise: ironing. I used to be good at ironing shirts; I think this was maybe in high school. Now, since I practice so rarely, I’m not very good. I figured as long as I was doing the relevant wedding clothes, I might as well do my other problem shirts, so after doing one relatively thoroughly, I did quick runs over four or five others. It wasn’t quite as hasty as sweeping wrinkles under the rug, but I knew I wasn’t likely to be wearing ties with these, at least not outside the other wedding.

I would probably be better at this if I had a “real” (full-sized) ironing board; I feel like I spent more time adjusting the shirts for the next swipe than I did actually ironing. But why get a full-sized board when I use it so rarely?

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Well, if the number of weddings is indeed four, watch out for that funeral. And the F word that Hugh Grant so liberally used in the opening of that fine movie…

I love this: “my other problem shirts.”

thanks for the grin, joan

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