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More found money

The haul of found money has grown somewhat since last year. I counted last night. We had less folding money ($2 rather than $7) but more of everything else. Pennies led in overall numbers (591 of them, though 7 were so damaged—bent, chipped, or otherwise no longer cylindrical—that I threw them in the trash after counting them). The dimes had the greatest value again, a whopping 95 of them, but this year they were tied by 38 quarters. I’ve no idea why we found so many quarters this year.

The grand total was $28.91, plus €.01 (now there’s a tiny coin) and £.05. That’s a smidge more than 8 cents a day, but it doesn’t include a few dozen times when I judged a coin too dangerously located (e.g. in the middle of a busy intersection) to be retrieved. I doubt that would have changed the total much, unless they were all quarters.

I suspect some of the increase can be explained simply by my running more miles this year, but other factors might be (a) living in the Boston area, where we’re more likely to be doing all of our running on roads as opposed to trails, and (b) living across the street from a popular softball field, which means my morning run usually ends amid the parking lot debris of the last night’s game. And I’ve found that coins tend to turn up near where people park their cars.

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Do you have exciting plans for your haul?

I have to admit, the sum of the “found money” goes into a savings account. Last year’s haul, just under $25, earned a dollar in interest.

I borrowed some change from another loose change sink to round out rolls of the coins and I’m going to swing them by the local bank for folding money soon. I’m thinking of plowing it into something like a transit pass.

And the first day of this year has already turned up $0.15 or so—one of those dimes already!

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