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Sunset day is coming

I’ve been getting antsy, anticipating the arrival of Sunset Day. It appears to vary a bit from year to year; according to a program called SunGraph, it looks like Sunset Day in Massachusetts this year will be Monday, eleven days before the actual shortest day and much later than last year. Since I’ve been notably bad at getting up with the sun lately, Sunset Day will be the real start of more daylight for me.

SunGraph also gives me more geeky data than I expect to ever have a good use for—for example, here in Amherst, though the actual sunrise was at 8:00 AM, first visible light was at 6:36 AM and Civil Twilight started at 7:28 AM. Which leads me here: first ever song about the time “between the sunset and certified darkness.” (I imagine this is a much bigger deal in Winnipeg.)

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