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And the Olympic doping scandal...

starts now.

Some may remember this little bit of snark I posted two years ago when Russia hosted the World Indoor Championships. Apparently my suspicions (and those of others) were justified. Russia just lost all four of their 1,500m women and two out of three 800m women, plus a pair of throwers. The Russian Federation has time (just) to submit new names, but whether they’ll be allowed to is still unknown.

The fallout from Soboleva’s suspension will be significant, because it calls into question her two WR marks in the 1,500m during the recent indoor season. But more immediately, the outlook for the women’s 1,500m has changed dramatically, with probably two medals which would’ve gone to Russian women up for grabs. There’s an Ethiopian woman (Burika) likely to pick up one of them, but women like Shannon Rowbury are now legitimate medal contenders.

Interesting to see how this plays out.

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