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What recession?

The national and global economy have taken a beating in the last year. (I know, this is hardly news.) I therefore have proof that my annual found-money tally has no correlation with the wider economy. This was a banner year: Not only did the total haul since we started counting (four years, now) pass $100, counting interest, this year, but it was an all-time high on almost every number I count.

  • Total value: $32.74
  • 60 quarters, more than ever
  • 110 dimes, quite a few but not enough to outweigh the quarter haul in value
  • 36 nickels, still the rarest coin
  • A staggering 494 pennies
  • Three foreign currencies: 0.05 € (not found in Europe), 0.05 NZD (a first) and 0.25CDN

For previous years’ reports, see 2008, 2007, and 2006. If I wanted to be really geeky I’d make gnuplot graphs of the numbers of various denominations over years, or the relative income from “new cash” vs. interest earned. But I should really automate that instead of spending the time…


did you use any of your found money to get yourself a birthday treat? Happy birthday!

5c NZ no longer in use.

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