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Found money 2012

(If you’re interested in previous reports: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006.)

As I suggested two years ago, found money has been way down since we moved. So much so that last year I didn’t bother to count the bin. This year’s tally represents two years and is still the lowest since I started: $17.47.

  • Four dollar bills. I don’t remember where I found these, but they were all together, new and crisp and very tightly folded together.
  • 21 quarters ($5.25), 50 dimes, 23 nickels, 207 pennies. Needless to say this is the lowest counts of all of these since I started keeping track.
  • 0.32 CDN (not included in the total), including three dimes. Given that the two-year span included over a week spent in Moncton, this is unsurprising.
  • 5 centavos from Argentina. No idea where this came from.
  • One very unidentified slug with two deep parallel (but off-center) grooves in one otherwise-blank side, and a baseball batter on the other side. Probably a token from some kind of arcade.

I’m still collecting, but I must admit the numbers here are discouraging.

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