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Turning off the baby monitors

Our baby monitors beep annoyingly when they can’t establish a connection to the base units in the girls’ rooms. Sometimes turning them off and back on again will re-establish a connection, but last night I turned off the one for the yellow room because it wouldn’t pick the connection back up.

This morning I discovered the reason: the cord for the base unit runs under the crib and plugs into an outlet in the wall the crib sits against. The plug had been pulled out just enough to shut off the base unit.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intentionally unplugged, but it reminded me of all the questions I would see in security forums about how to limit kids’ internet access. The conventional wisdom was that when the kids were smart enough to get around your filter, you should just shut it down rather than escalate. Now I’m wondering if it’s time to turn off the baby monitors now that at least one of the girls is capable of shutting hers off on her own, or if I should just plug it in to a socket she can’t reach from the crib.

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