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What if?

I don’t remember when I started reading XKCD regularly, but their new “What If?” feature has me stifling inappropriate laughter on a regular basis.

An example: a recent piece on the probability of electoral ties compares the odds of nine swing states all producing equal vote totals for the top two candidates with the odds of some fairly unlikely events, including being struck by a bale of cocaine dropped from an airplane, a tornado, and a meteorite strike. (Along the way we learn that a typical location in Florida “…experiences an average 1.4 picotornados per second … a Florida resident suffers an average of 0.64 femtodeaths per second from meteorite impacts … the average person in Florida is struck by an average of 29 zeptobales of cocaine per second” and the average income of a typical acre of Florida land derived from falling bales of cocaine.)

So if you like the absurdum part of reductio ad absurdum, you’ll like What If?

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