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Found Money Report 2014

(If you’re interested in previous reports: 2012 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006.)

It’s past time to count the found money bin. This count represents a move back to Massachusetts, and a lot more running in small towns and suburbs, but also a lot more time spent outdoors with children, where you don’t necessarily want to model “pick up this thing you just spotted on the ground and stuff it in your pocket” as good behavior.

Consequently the tally is way down, even for a two-year span: $10.20. I know I’ve left cash on the table — err, sidewalks — that might have gone in here, but I doubt it’s been multiple dollars worth. Maybe I just don’t get out enough.


  • Three one-dollar bills, crisp and folded together. I recall asking a few people if they were theirs, but got no takers, so here they are.
  • 13 quarters, 37 dimes, 16 nickels and 145 pennies. Only the pennies were worth rolling, even combined with other change on hand, the first time that’s happened.
  • I didn’t separate out the Canadian cash this time.
  • 2 10-kopeck coins. Combined with a 50-kopeck I found in my pocket the other day (probably a leftover from my trip to Russia last summer) that buys… practically nothing.
  • Probably even less valuable than the kopecks, a Romanian 5-bani coin. I suspect that was found in an airport on the Russian trip, most likely in Moscow.

And that’s the spare change news for this session.

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