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October 15, 2010

Adobe Lightroom won't import photos

This isn’t of interest to 95% of my regular readers; I’m posting it for Google.

If Adobe Lightroom refuses to import photos from your camera (I’m trying with a Nikon at the moment) with the error message, “The following files were not imported because they could not be read.” …followed by a number, here’s how I fixed the problem.

Go to Adobe’s Latest Updates page and download the newest update for your Lightroom. Point releases are usually free (so if you have Lightroom 2, you should be able to update to 2.7 without additional charges). Once you’ve downloaded that and installed it, try again. That solved my problem.

The forum where I found this tip also suggested I update my computer’s “Camera Raw” support, which is a plugin Adobe packages use to read Raw files from digital cameras, but my Lightroom and/or CS installation is too old for that update, so that wasn’t my problem.

(Trying to run Lightroom on a four-year-old MacBook: now that might turn out to be a problem.)

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October 5, 2010

Taking the direct approach

Maybe it’s how plumbing, by its very nature, hides in the walls out of sight, that makes us think the only way to address its problems is pour something in and pray.

At a suggestion from my father, I popped the lid off the slow drain with a small screwdriver. Immediately underneath, the drain looked an awful lot like the underside of a rotary mower when it’s choked with grass. There was a blob of hair roughly the size of a mouse, along with whatever other gunk the hair had filtered out of the drain (and no small quantity of baking soda) which came out pretty easily. I followed that up with another dose of baking soda and boiling water, and now it’s not backing up at all.

It’s possible that the problem here isn’t the plumbing, but the lack of a large enough water flow to properly wash away everything it’s expected to wash away. I suspect I will wind up repeating this process on a roughly annual basis, but imagine what I’ll save on Drano!

Now I need more baking soda when I get groceries. And white vinegar, which apparently has become the mild acid of choice in both my cousin’s house, and my in-laws’.

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