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December 4, 2010

Hanging doors

I’m hanging doors. Actually, I’m failing to hang doors.

In the two bedrooms we’re prepping, there are three closets. All three had bi-fold, louvered doors which were negatives for a whole bunch of reasons. (Hard to paint, for one; also very not-child-proof, as bi-fold doors are a high pinched-finger risk.)

In the master bedroom, the closet doors are regular six-panel doors with “inactive” knobs (this just means they don’t turn; they’re just handles) and magnetic catches, two doors per closet. I figured this for the replacement.

There are six appropriately-sized doors in the basement now, where I’ve been painting them. I have hinges, knobs, and catches. (Magnets will screw into the door frame and attach to metal plates on the doors to hold them shut.) But I’m running in to two problems.

  1. In order to attach the hinges to the door, you need to use a chisel to cut away enough door and door frame that the hinge is flush with the edge of the door. (This means the flat plate of the hinge, not the axle.) I have a chisel, now, but I don’t really have the chisel skillz to get the hinge attached flat and square, which seems to be necessary when you visualize two hinges pivoting on essentially the same axis.
  2. The rooms are carpeted, and therefore the doors might fit in the frame, but they are about an inch too tall to actually swing. Which makes them not so useful as doors.

I’m toying with the idea of getting out the circular saw and just chopping an inch off the bottom, which is the usual way of sizing doors to fit, but I’m also thinking it might be time to enlist professional help.

ETA: A helpful employee at the store that sold us the doors observed that cutting an inch off the bottom might expose the hollow part of the door. “3/8-inch, tops,” he said. So I took 3/8 of an inch off both the bottom and the top with a circular saw, and aside from an absurd amount of sawdust in the basement, that problem seems to be resolved. Sandpaper and a little more care got the hinges attached squarely; now it just remains to get them on the door itself. Considering this has already taken a day’s work, I wonder if doing the remaining 5 by myself is a practical idea.

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