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January 4, 2011

Door hanging redux

We’ve decided to contract wallpaper removal and painting in the dining room and two bathrooms to a professional; having proved we could do it competently (he pretended to be impressed with the two bedrooms we did ourselves) there’s nothing left to prove there. But the closet doors remain an ongoing battle.

I have two doors hung now on one of the closets. The problem now is that the doors fit the frame a little too perfectly; if one is closed and the other is not, the closed one needs to be opened a bit to allow the open one to close. With both doors shut, there is practically no space between them; in our bedroom, there’s about a quarter-inch gap between the two doors.

The universal solution to doors which are too snug is to plane some material off the edge of the door—in this case, about an eighth of an inch, to make that cumulative quarter-inch gap. That’s proving challenging; my block plane, a replaceable-blade Stanley affair, is maddeningly difficult to use, either not biting into the door at all or trying to take slices too thick to effectively peel away. I’m not going to rule out the possibility that this is because the door is cheap wood, but it’s also likely that my plane is lousy. I’m not quite sure if I should be renting (or buying) a better plane, maybe a power tool, or if I’m just so unskilled with the one I have that I just need to learn how to do it better.

Bonus door-hanging tip: it turns out that getting the hinges lined up accurately is a lot simple when you drill the pilot holes for the hinge screws before you chisel away the space for the hinge. I don’t know why I didn’t notice that in the instructions earlier.

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Windows 7 and an Airport Extreme wireless network

We recently upgraded A’s laptop to Windows 7 after a little too long tolerating the excruciating mess which was Windows Vista. For the first few days everything was fine, because she was plugged in to an ethernet cable at her desk, but when she unplugged and tried to use the wireless network, things went haywire. She could see our network, but not join it, even though she was providing the correct password.

The answer turned out to be changing the encryption settings on the network. Instead of using WEP encryption, which was our previous setting, we needed WPA2 (or at least, switching it to WPA2 solved the problem).

Ironically, the reason we were using WEP instead of WPA2 to begin with was that her previous Windows systems didn’t support WPA2.

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